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From Principal’s Desk

I am honoured and feel very privileged to be the Principal of Gyani International Public School. I am always excited and look forward to working with our students, staff and parents to make Gyani International School it can be. Our school is a school that prides itself on the relationship it has with its community. The school strives to educate students so that they are ready to reach their highest potential. My commitment to our community is to lead the school with enthusiasm and passion to enable us to reach our goals.

We will continue to develop and enhance a school that:

  1. 1. Focuses on the development of the whole child

  2. 2. Strives for the highest academic standards

  3. 3. Reflects the values of its community

  4. 4. Has a personalised curriculum for each child

  5. 5. Involves the community in learning

  6. 6. Develops true partnerships that value each child

I have an open door policy and urge all parents to take this opportunity to discuss any issue with me so that we can move forward together. We truly have a fantastic school with a supportive and involved parent community, dedicated and highly skilful staff, excellent resources and buildings and the most fantastic students to work with.

Er. Rahul Pandey
B.Tech (Mecanical)

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